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For the amateur, the aspirant, the professional, and everyone in between.

Have you ever seen a great actor and asked yourself "Why not me?"

For the first time ever, we are opening our doors to the artistic community at all levels to share the secret sauce that forges a finely tuned actor.


The class season for 2023 has concluded. We are in planning for 2024 class offerings. Please email any future class requests to

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Natasha is a critically acclaimed stage director and performance speaking strategist. She founded Dark Horse Theatre Company in 2009 in Washington D.C. Prior to that she directed numerous plays in the Mid-Atlantic region. She completed her directing apprenticeship in 2006 at the Carolina Actors Studio Theatre (CAST) in Charlotte, North Carolina. Natasha is a protégé of Michael R. Simmons (former student of renowned film director Sidney Lumet), Managing Artistic Director of CAST, and expert aviator. Ms. Parnian is a career-long psychological realism practitioner and leverages this in her work. She is a collaborative and surgical "actor's director", devoted to the process of serving as a midwife to the creative labor of artists. Ms. Parnian is known to build brave, precise, sensitive, finely tuned, inside-out actors via Socratic exploration of the human condition. Outside of the theatre she is a homeschooling mom, a motorcycle enthusiast, and animal lover.

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