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The Alliance

/əˈlīəns/ a state of being joined

Please consider joining our Alliance sponsorship program, so we can continue to produce outstanding live theatrical events. Below are our levels of membership:

Pacesetter (Up to $100)

/pāsˌsedər/ a person or organization viewed as taking the lead or setting standards of achievement for others

Sarah Akers, Mary Ball, Katie Bull, Julie Dame, Rena Gorlin, Lucia Hanover, Meg Hoover, Anne Marstiller, Juliana McGlosson, Sachith De SIlva, Rebecca Sitton, Shannon Vesilic, Carol Cartisano Walus (in memoriam), Weird Brothers CoffeeArianne' Warner

Guardian ($101-$500)

/ɡärdēən/ a defender, protector, or keeper

Randall Kish, Carole Preston, theatreWashington

Sustainer ($501-$1000)

/səˈstānər/ A person or group who strengthens or supports


Revolutionary ($1001-$5000)

/revəˈlo͞oSHəˌnerē/ involving or causing a complete or dramatic change

Grace in The Plains, Artist Rescue Trust

Deus Ex Machina ($5000 and up)

/dāəs ˌeks ˈmäkənə/ an unexpected power or event saving a seemingly hopeless situation

Andrew Farms


You can become a title sponsor of a production. This can be done by donating the publisher royalties for the full production of your choosing (usually $1000-$1200 per production). Your name or company will be included on all marketing materials and programs, you'll get VIP tickets to and special recognition at the performance of your choosing.

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